J.U.G. World

J.U.G (Just us Girls), is a world I created in 2018 for all of my characters to live in. It’s a Utopian society full of Black Women where the focus is on creativity and the act of supporting one another. It’s a perfectly imperfect world where people come as they are and are accepted for being themselves and where the only rules are to be kind, loyal, and uplifting. Not to say that nothing can go wrong in this world, but it’s more about the attitude they have towards problem solving, an overall consciousness of their surroundings and a respect for each other’s pasts, presents, and futures.

In J.U.G world the things that make them different is what brings them together as a collective, but in this world a lot of people try to use our differences to prove that we should become divided. I do believe that a world like J.U.G is possible, but it starts with a mental shift from judging before we even know and reacting instead of responding. After I started to develop my own style and way of viewing the world, I started to want to create my own world of women that was based on love, friendship, and unapologetic confidence in oneself and each other; I also wanted to be able to depict the daily life of Black women and speak not only on large issues in our community but also the everyday situations and experiences we have on a regular basis, good and bad, that shape us as individuals and make our stories unique.

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